Wednesday, 12 June 2013

100% Renewable Energy Supplier (UK)

Needles to say, choosing your electricity supplier is one of the most important environmental decisions you make. Energy companies that supply electric power to homes and businesses around the country can use very different sources of energy - from coal, gas, or nuclear, to 100% renewable sources such as wind, solar, or hydro-electric. And not only that; different companies in the UK have considerably different portfolios of such sources: for example, the main energy source of EDF Energy is nuclear power, for E.ON it is gas, and for Scottish Power it is coal (data from 2012. Check it here).

Energy companies also vary greatly in terms of how much of their energy comes from 100% renewable sources. Very few of the big energy companies in the UK have more than 10% of their energy sources in renewable ones. There are really only two notable exceptions: the companies Ecotricity and Good Energy. Ecotricity combines renewable sources with gas and coal, but no less than 64% of their energy sources are in renewables, i.e. wind and solar especially.

But, so far the ONLY electricity supplier in the UK that provides 100% renewable sourced electricity is Good Energy. Mostly, the energy it supplies comes from small or medium-sized renewable power generators, distributed across the UK, such as solar panels or smaller 'solar farms', and wind farms. They are spearheading the "home grown energy movement", encouraging ordinary people and households around the country to become small energy producers for themselves, and small suppliers via Good Energy by selling the surplus of energy they create. Good Energy are also very much 'locally-minded', meaning they tend to work closely with local communities where their wind or solar farms exist (or are planned), and offer them discounts on energy prices. And they seem to be experiencing an exciting development on several localities in Britain at the moment (on shore), but mostly concentrated in Cornwall (see also here).

I wanted to choose Good Energy a few years ago, but I eventually gave up due to some issues with my landlord. As we'll be moving house soon, I am now actively thinking about switching to Good Energy (check some very useful comparison of the UK energy companies at They may be a bit more expensive than your average energy supplier, but I have no doubt in my mind that 100% renewable energy is the way to go. Any thoughts you may have on this are welcome in the comments.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Energy Crisis in UK - Solution Suggestions

Here is an excellent explanation of the energy consumption and of the wider energy crisis for the UK by Cambridge University physicist Dr David Mackay.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another story of stuff - this time elctronics

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after some time we would like to provide you with another story of stuff, this time information where our electronic devices end.

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

clean Slovenia, dusty Europe

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I am thrilled to inform you all that country on sunny side of Alps was cleaned by more than 200.000 people (which is 10 % of population) all ages and structures - from politicians, media, schools, families, organizations, NGOs etc. Unfortunately the reality is that the same amount of people recycling. We can just hope this was a good practice to be shown to next generations, who obviously are becoming more aware of global pollution issues.

Speaking about global connection the erupting Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland shows how small our planet really is - besides no air transport and 2 million people that were trapped in airports, big losses of the air companies, Iceland was stroked hard - there are floods, glacier melting and evacuation of 800 people. This issues are not being reported by the media. Meanwhile Iceland is one of the most greenest countries in the world was not able to prevent from such event and its dimensions. After Haiti earthquake erupting volcano is another Earths' reminder for searching fast and efficiant green solutions.

Sigur Ros is one representative of the Icelandic brilliance, intelligence and awareness spreading:

Everyone, there might be worse to come. Lets learn from the past and leave as green footprints as we can.
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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Clean up Slovenia

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the clean up Project in Estonia brought benefit to the World by its good practice and organization. Same sample, next country: Slovenia. Date is set, 17.4.2010, which is next weekend. So far there is 35.000 registered people which will participate, the aim of organizers is to reach 200.000 people AND collect 20.000 tons of Waste. Most of municipalities are locally supporting action, NGOs and companies, army and police, groups, scouts, citizens, farmers... All questions and answers about organization can be found in this video (in slovenian).

Did you know there will be Clean Up World project in 2012? :)

Ouuu, happy day!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One economy, one environment

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Very innovative and efficient approach to reduce carbon emissions, improve our attitude towards environment and each other!

What are we waiting for?
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

inspirational 2

use of lighters: they are used to light up candles